Top 5 things to do in Barcelona with a toddler and small children



The Catalan capital has activities for all family members, from the youngest to the eldest.

Holidays or weekends with children are sometimes a challenge for parents when looking something to entertain their children with, but here we give you a list of the best options for having a great time as a family, as well as places for couples travelling with their tots to stay.

At World Experience, we have years of experience showing families with children the wonders of Barcelona through our guided tours for small-sized groups.

Things to do with children in Barcelona

1. Tibidabo Amusement Park


Tibidabo Amusement Park

Mount Tibidabo is overlooks the city of Barcelona and has a variety of attractions, including an amusement park which is visited by thousands of people year after year. You can see the park from the city centre.

There’s an endless array of activities for all ages. For the little ones, there’s a miniature train that goes around the park. The Zoochock, with bumper cars in the form of animals, is also a firm favourite with the kids.

Finally, the carrousel is another go-to attraction for children. This place feels like a fairy tale thanks to its enchanted setting.

2. Parc de la Ciudatella and Barcelona Zoo

Ciudadela Park

One of the Catalan capital’s iconic places is Parc de la Ciudatella, situated in the heart of the city. Within the park you can find the zoo, which accommodates a large variety of animals and activities.

The children can discover the animal kingdom in one of Europe’s biggest zoos. Of course, to enjoy Barcelona to the max you need to find the best time of year to visit, because like anywhere, some times are better than others. Here, you can find the best month to visit the Catalan capital.

3. Beaches in Barcelona to visit as a family

Beach Barcelona

Barcelona has many beaches, but two stand out for family days out: Bogatell and Nova Icaria. Both are found near the city centre, but neither are as crowded as Barceloneta beach.

These beaches enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere, clean sand and baby-changing and bathing facilities.

4. CosmoCaixa

A large museum founded in 1981 in the Sant Gervasi district which, until its renovation in 2004, was Barcelona’s Science Museum. The work was carried out by Catalan Josep Domènech y Estapà.

It has various workshops for children such as “Clik”, which shows children how mirrors work, why boats don’t sink and how a hippopotamus stands up, amongst many other exhibits.
The idea of the workshop is that the teacher guides the children to come up with the answers themselves. This encourages logical thinking.

5. Barcelona’s Aquarium



This oceanic park is one of Europe’s biggest and has activities geared towards families all year round. Watch how they feed stingrays, make geometric figures by following the fish’s lines, join a treasure hunt around the whole aquarium and experience plenty more surprises along the way. These are a few examples of what makes the aquarium a popular place to visit with children.