Things to do in Poblenou, Barcelona: The Complete Guide

Would you like to discover the best things to do in Poblenou, Barcelona? In this post you’ll find the best selection of venues, cafés and corners with the most charm in the whole neighbourhood.

This neighbourhood is symbolic of the city’s industrial revolution. To give you an idea, of all the factories active in 1888in the Sant Martí district, a little over half were found in Poblenou.

Our recommendation?

Go on a personalised bike tour around the neighbourhood. We invite you to discover its true essence at the hands of our specialist guides. With their help you will be able to discover the neighbourhood’s most characteristic corners and end up relaxing on one of Barcelona’s best beaches.

Things to do in Poblenou: become fascinated in just an afternoon

Discover the most iconic spots in Poblenou

In this neighbourhood you can find much more than enormous factories and industrial buildings built in the 19th century. To prove this, at WeBarcelonawe have created a map which includes the most popular places in the area.

What to visit in Poblenou:

  • Torre Agbar
  • Rambla de Poblenou
  • Cementerio de Poblenou
  • Museo Can Framis
  • The Mar Bella jetty
  • Parc del centre del Poblenou

You’ll notice that one of the places we recommend is the cemetery, which is full of art and history. There you will find a sculpture known as “Petó de la mort” which translates as “The kiss of death”, by Jaume Barba.

The neoclassical style which shapes the enclosure’s every detail will leave you lost for words.

The best places for coffee and food in Poblenou

· Espai Joliu

This café accommodates both lovers of coffee and of plants. It defines itself as a “plant concept store”, you only have to set foot in the place to understand this and the room will leave you perplexed.

In Espai Joliu you can enjoy a coffee made with great care while you look at the works of different artists. A rather uniqueart gallery, don’t you think? We love it!

📌 Location: Carrer de Badajoz, 95, 08005 Barcelona

· Cafetería Industrial

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of this place is its well-maintained appearance, deserving of a role in a movie. Believe us when we tell you it’s worth it.

Cafetería industrial stands out for its coffee, its artisan chocolate, and, although it may surprise you, some wonderful, typically Japanese dishes, strong> served with style. Great customer service and unique cuisine.

Our recommendation: follow the staff’s advice 😉

📌 Location: Carrer de Pallars, 154, 08005 Barcelona


· Barcelona Koh

A friendly and speedy service awaits you in this restaurant, with food suitable for vegetarians and those allergic to gluten. This restaurant has everything, every detail is covered!/strong> The plates and cutlery, the decoration, the sound accompaniment…

Do you want to know what dishes they serve? Then take note and let’s see if you can decide on one only! Ramen (Japanese broth), Duck, aubergine with Pancetta… either way, at WeBarcelonawe’re sure you’ll go again.

🚨 WARNING: Don’t risk missing out, it’s best to reserve a table before going.

📌 Location: Carrer de Pujades, 133, 08005 Barcelona