The best theatre works in Barcelona【Updated 2019】

Are you thinking about doing something different in the Catalan capital? If this is the case, then we have something that may interest you. Get ready to discover the best theatre works in Barcelona on offer through the coming months.

Luckily for us, Barcelona has a lot to offer. An unrivalled selection of architectural features, a wide variety of tasty and typical dishes… And just when you think you’ve tried everything; you notice the many options available on theatre listings this year.

There are works of all styles, for all ages. It’s without doubt the best way to crown your stay in the Catalan capital. If you don’t know which one to go for, you’ll find a selection of plays which have been greatly approved by critics.

Let’s begin!

The most highly-acclaimed theatre works in Barcelona

· Lapónia

This story revolves around three pillars: family, education and secrets. What begins as a prefect evening between two sisters, their partners and respective children, ends up as a series of conversations, each one more complex.

The catalyst? A harmless remark about Father Christmas between two children.

📌 Club Capitol, Sala 2
📆 22 May – 16 June
💰 €19



· Señora de Rojo Sobre Fondo Gris

A given period, the months of summer and autumn, 1975, and a painter, the famous José Sacristán in the middle of a creativity crisis, give birth to one of Miguel Delibes’ texts.

In this work the artist recalls the most important moments from the start of his wife’s illness to her death, the event which provoked the lull in creativity. Through each act, you can appreciate how, although absent throughout, the woman has always been the main character.

📌 Teatre Romea
📆 16 April – 12 May
💰 €21





· Todas las Noches de un Día

The line-up of actors could not be better, it includes the Madrileña Ana Torrent and the Leonés Carmelo Gómez, both with extensive careers in cinema.

The play was written by Alberto Conejero and tells a story in which love, and mystery are the main themes. It’s set in a beautiful garden with a greenhouse, kept by Samuel. At the very beginning the police arrive to figure out the whereabouts of the house’s owner.

📌 Teatro Goya
📆 8 May – 9 June
💰 €28



If you’re with your family, how does going to Barcelona’s children’s theatre sound?

· The Little Prince: The Musical

Now we move onto a musical, perfect for both adults and children. The BARTS room (Barcelona Arts on Stage) brings us the sixth season of this popular work.

Get ready for the Little Prince’s journey like you have never seen before…as a musical in Catalan! With visual effects, a spectacular sound system and songs that will transport you to the book that fascinated you for so long.

Don’t miss this highly recommended showthis Christmas.

📌 Gran Teatri Español
📆 5 December – 8 December
💰 €15