The best chocolate with churros in Barcelona

Chocolate con churros

Having chocolate with churros for breakfast or as a snack is a typical tradition in Spain, one of the countries with the best cuisine in the world. You’re bound to have heard of paella, sangria, Spanish wine, tortilla de patatas and Iberian ham. However, there are plenty of delicious options in the world of Spanish desserts.

Today we are going to explain what chocolate with churros is, and where to find it if you are in Barcelona or Madrid. We will also recommend some food tours if you would like to try the local cuisine of the places you visit.

What is chocolate with churros?

Churros are stretched out pieces of dough made with flour and cooked in oil and salt so that they come out crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. They are combined with thick, melted hot chocolate, creating a mix of unique, delicious flavours.

Churros started to become popular in Madrid at the start of the 19th century, when they were considered a cheap option for breakfast and were known as “fruta de sartén” or ‘fritters’. However, they weren’t mixed with chocolate until the start of the 20th century, creating a heartening food during winter, loved by both children and adults alike.

Churros Madrid

Where can you buy chocolate with churros in Barcelona?

Calle Petritxol is synonymous with chocolate with churros in Barcelona, here you’ll find the most traditional chocolaterías in the heart of the old town. In this street you have several options: La Pallaresa, Dulcinea or Petritxol Xocoa.

In Gràcia, one of the locals’ favourite neighbourhoods, (a far cry from the uniformity of Eixample and the crowds of tourists in the centre), you can find La Nena. As well as chocolate with churros, you’ll find crepes, milkshakes, cakes and mountains of other delicious desserts here. It’s also a great place to go with children, as it has a play area, story books and even a piano.

In Calle Córsega, 341, very close to Paseo de Gracia, is Xurreria Trébol. What’s so special about this place? It’s opening hours. It doesn’t close on Saturdays, and it’s open late on other days, so it’s become popular with those who like the nightlife.

The best chocolate with churros in Madrid

Madrid has the best churrerías in the world, as this is where the sweet began life. They even have special churros called “porras”, which are much longer and thicker than normal churros.

Madrid’s most famous chocolatería is San Ginés, founded in 1894, with a vast terrace. If you want to visit it and experience all its luxuries with a small-sized group of people, we recommend our tour for Sweet Lovers.

The chocolatería Valor is also worth a visit, owned by a Spanish company famous for its chocolate, confectioneries and pastries.

Chocolatería San Ginés

Other gastronomical tours you’ll love

If you’re visiting Madrid we recommend our tapas tour of Toledo. We will take you there from Madrid to discover a city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy an evening tasting Spain’s most typical tapas dishes.

Or, if you’re in Barcelona, we suggest a tour of the city’s markets with a paella cooking workshop. At the end, you can enjoy a full lunch with gazpacho, patatas bravas, oven-baked carpaccio with onions and Xató sauce, crema catalana and, of course, the paella you cooked with the professional chef.