How to get from Barcelona to Cadaqués?

Cadaques from Barcelona

The coastline to the north of Barcelona towards France is widely known as the Costa Brava. There are various towns and villages along this coastline but the town of Cadaqués is without doubt one of its crown jewels.

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Located on a small peninsula called Cabo de Creus about 170 km from the Catalan capital, this place is a traditional, family-orientated fishing village, and even today this activity is the its economic driver, along with tourism.

Cadaqués is famous for having been the home of Salvador Dalí and you can visit the house he lived in for so long, now a museum. The town’s main attraction is that it has conserved its authenticity, perhaps due to its geographical isolation.

One of its most picturesque streets is called “Carrer del Call”, and it was the centre of the Jewish community for hundreds of years.

Cadaqués’ old town and its streets are lined with handmade stone pavements inspired by ocean waves. This kind of paving is called “el rastell” (rake) in Catalan.

Another point of interest is the Santa María de Cadaqués church which has a beautiful view of the town and its bay. It’s a 16th century gothic-style building.

The old church was destroyed by Barbarossa, a famous pirate who sacked the town in 1543.

Getting to Cadaqués by road

Cadaques from Barcolona by car

Whether with your own car, or with a rented car, it’s easy to get to Cadaqués by road. Take the AP-7 motorway to exit 4 (Figueres – Roses) in the direction of Figueres Sur and continue on the C-260 to Roses.

Before entering the town of Roses, you will pick up signs for the GI-614, which ends in Cadaqués.

The fastest way of getting from Barcelona to Cadaqués

The fastest way of getting to Cadaqués from Barcelona is by car, taking about two hours depending on traffic. The overall cost, including fuel and tolls is between €18 and €27.

Bus from Barcelona to Cadaqués

Cadaques from Barcelona by bus

There is a direct bus from Estació Barcelona Nord to the centre of Cadaqués which takes about 3 hours without stops or changes. There are two daily services running every day of the week.

Train from Barcelona to Cadaqués

Cadaques from Barcelona by train

If you would like to travel by train you can travel with the train company RENFE, with a train every 45 minutes.

There are no direct trains between Barcelona and Cadaqués, you must go to Figueres. Once you are in Figueres you must leave the train station and cross the square to the bus stop and take the bus to Cadaqués.

The bus journey from Figueres to our final destination is about an hour.