Empanadas in Barcelona


Strolling along the lively, art-filled streets of Barcelona is without doubt a tiring task. You’ll often find yourself feeling hungry on a walk like this, but you won’t have enough time to sit down and eat at a restaurant.

Luckily, Barcelona doesn’t just offer typical Spanish food, but small savoury pastries which can be baked or fried, and filled with meat, vegetables and condiments.

These delicious snacks are called ‘empanadas‘ and originate from the Americas. Every country has its own version and way of cooking. But there’s one country with the best reputation for them: Argentina.

The Argentinian empanada is traditionally from the north east of the country, but has made its way around the world to countries like the United States, Australia, and of course Europe.

The best way to buy them is when you’re on the go, enjoying them as you stroll around the city, or you could get them delivered.

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The best places to enjoy empanadas in Barcelona


empanadas in barcelona

La Fábrica

When entering the heart of the Born district, we come across La Fábrica. A group of three friends from Argentina decided to move to the Catalan capital to create an empanada shop reflecting the true taste of Argentinian cuisine.
The food is both handmade and homemade. It has a wide variety to satisfy all tastes.
La Fábrica is the perfect mix between high quality and low prices. Every empanada costs €1.80 and there are always offers and deals on.
It is located in Plaza de la Llana, No. 15, which you can find by getting off the metro at Jaume I on the yellow line (L4).

Las Muns

Like La Fábrica, a group of friends from Argentina decided to deliver a touch of the cuisine from Río de La Plata region and all corners of Argentina.
This gourmet food blends fresh ingredients, natural produce and a touch of something special from the chef, creating the bar’s motto: “empanadas made by the hand, with the heart, for the mouth”.
So, if you find yourself in the Sant Antoni area, Las Muns is the place to be.

Lo de Gastón

Last but not least is Lo de Gastón. This cafe doesn’t just offer empanadas, but also other typical dishes from Argentina.
The meat cooked Argentinian-style and the different cuts from this part of the world are without doubt the star attractions of this cafe. But its empanadas are a must-taste if you’re visiting Lo de Gastón.

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You can find it on Carrer de Mallorca number 107. Hop on the blue metro line (L5) and get off at Hospital Clinic.