The 11 best coves in Catalonia: Wild Barcelona

A varied cuisine, valuable historical content, the best calas (coves) in Catalonia. Barcelona is without doubt one of the destinations whichoffers the most options to every visitor, enabling them to enjoy their holidays to the max.

AlthoughBarceloneta beach is one of the Catalan capital’s key assets, it’s not the only beach where you’ll find the break you so desire.

If your main desire is to lie on the sand we have a lot to offer. Get ready forthe best list of coves in the whole of Catalonia. How many have you been to?

1· Cala Jugadora

It’s worth taking a few days to see Cadaqués. This cove is a must-see, defined by two words: tranquillity and nature

It’s located near the Cap de Creus lighthouse, which is why at WeBarcelonawe’re sure you won’t have any problems finding it, even though it’s a small cove.

📌 Location: Cabo de Creus

2· Cala d’Aigua Xelida

We continue our journey through the Costa Brava in the Palafrugell municipality where an oasis of fine sand and crystal-clear water awaits you in this cove which is protected by a magnificent pine forest. You fancy it, don’t you?

📌 Location: Tamariu

3· Cala Pola

Perfect for spending a quiet day with the family. The quality of its water invites snorkelling, although if this is what you want to do then it’s better to go in the low season. Having a campsite close to the cove means that in the summer the number of visitors increases considerably.

📌 Location: Tossa de Mar

4· Playa Cala Estreta

One of the wildest in the whole of Catalonia which makes it stand out even more. At WeBarcelonawe recommend preparing yourself for the walk to get to it.

How do we get round this? Go by bike!

📌 Location: Palamós

5· Cala Tavallera

If you are enjoying a road trip around the Costa Brava for a few days, at WeBarcelona we recommend that you stop at Puerto de la Selva. It’s near Cadaqués anyway so there’s no excuse not to!

Here there is a ‘virgin’ cove (untouched by tourism), which you can only access on foot, but it’s totally worth the effort.

📌 Location: El Port de la Selva

6· Cala Sa Boadella

This cove is one of the best for switching off from your daily chores. Along its 250 m of coarse sand, there is plenty of room for those who prefer nudist beaches, and for those who like to keep their swimwear on.

📌 Location: Lloret de Mar

7· Cala Culip

We love this cove for its history. Whilst attempting to protect themselves from the winds, many ancient Greek and Roman ships ended up wrecked here due to the area’s characteristics. Does this interest you?

Of course it does! Before you go, make sure you pack enough to last for the uphill return journey in summer’s high temperatures.

📌 Location: Cadaqués

8· Cala Fonda or Cala Waikiki

This is without doubt one of Tarragona’s best. The area where it is located is known as the Costa Dorada. Its geographical characteristics will protect you from the wind and the noise from cars which makes it highly recommendable.

One of the downsides of it being a ‘virgin’ beach is that it is not supervised by first aiders, so if you go, be careful, especially if you have children with you.

📌 Location: Tarragona

9· Cala Rostella

One of nature’s marvels awaits you in the municipality of Roses. Before going down to the cove, take some time to see it from a distance. From a higher viewpoint you can take pleasure in the wide variety of colours exposed in the water. A true paradise.

📌 Location: Girona

10· Cala Montgó

Now we’re off to the Montgrí municipality, more specifically to the L’Escala seafront. Its location means you can have a day of tourism and relaxation.

If what you’re looking for is a beach with fine sand, and calm, clean water, then Cala Montgó is just what you need.

📌 Location: La Escala

11· Cala Futadera or Pentine

We couldn’t have finished the journey through the best coves in Catalonia without coming back to the Costa Brava. In Tossa de Mar, Sant Feliu to be exact, you can find the Cala Futadela.

Apart from standing out for its untouched nature, this wild cove does not attract many people. Surely this makes it all the more appealing?

📌 Location: Tossa de Mar

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