Barcelona’s secret places: Air-raid Shelters

A short while ago we introduced the Mural del Beso “Mural of the kiss” as one of the secret places of Barcelona. Continuing with this theme, in this post we want you to discover the air-raid shelters hidden in the city.

Just like the mural by the artist Joan Fontcuberta, Barcelona’s shelters go truly unnoticed by the city’s inhabitants, as well as all the tourists who come to visit.

Despite the lack of knowledge they bring, their narrow passageways never cease to surprise every visitor. They are, without doubt, among the most magical places of all Barcelona.

In previous times they could be accessed through entrances distributed among some streets and blocks of flats. One of the buildings they were connected to is none other than La Pedrera. Surprising, isn’t it? We love it.

Today, we can find two shelters which represent historical places of interest for many. Let’s begin!


· Shelter 307

Let’s start with the jewel in the crown, Shelter 307. Of the two, this is the one that has registered the best reviews so far.

Get ready to go through 400 metres of narrow tunnels, space created to hold 2,000 people. You will find strange places there such as a pharmacy and bathrooms. Of the whole city, the Poble Sec neighbourhood was the one to suffer the most by far.

📌 Location: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 175

· Civil War Air-raid Shelter

This one stands out for its well-preserved condition, which even allows us to appreciate the marks left by the candles used back in its day. Highly recommended.

It is constructed at a depth of about 12 metres and has a capacity of approximately 200 people. This shelter was discovered in 1992 thanks to the construction of an electricity station, and it wasn’t until 2006 that access to it was permitted.

📌 Location: Plaça del Diamant


· Palau de les Heures Shelter

Last but not least, the smallest of the three. Despite its age, it currently has the same electrical installation as in the past, although more adapted.

It was constructed with the protection of the then president of the Generalitat (Catalonia’s government) in mind, which is what justifies its exact location. Its dimensions are considerably shorter, 40 metres long to be precise. But on the other hand, its quality is far superior to the other two.

📌 Location: Palau de les Heures

Has this left you wanting more? That’s normal, and that’s what we’re here for. For your next trip to Barcelona, don’t hesitate to give them a try.

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We’re sure it will inspire you!